Did Shawn Rhoden Take Anabolic Steroids?

Everyone is ready to talk about the bodybuilder and wrestler champions like Arnold and The Rock.

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Behind the famous names, there are also some bodybuilders who are willing or trying to do hard but, unfortunately, stuck into some critical issues or emotional events.

This time is to judge the bodybuilders who are the epitome of hardworking but, not reached to the popularity that they actually deserve.

Shawn Rhoden is one of them, despite his hard working and willing power, the question is arising.

Did he use anabolic steroids for developing the aesthetic physique or completely natural?

Who Is Shawn?

Shawn Rhoden AKA Flexatron is IFBB Pro and professional bodybuilder and icon in the Industry.

He is the inspiration source for many bodybuilders and athletes. The Shawn journey of life is full of emotions and troubles.

2015 Mr. Olympia, The Flexatron has signed with ProSupps after ending the partnership with Scitec Nutrition.

First, he was suffering from the back injury in the year 1993 and then lost his father in the year 2002.

Shawn Rhoden had won many competitions from Mr. Olympia to the IFBB Arnold classic.

He was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Shawn is growing up with athletic features and showed interest in playing the soccer and cricket.

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He realized about his physique at very small age and started struggling to improve his aesthetic physique.

At the age of 17, Shawn had started the gym to gain the size as well as improving the strength of the body.

When he reached the age of 24, he almost physique ready for the first competition, but unfortunately, his 9 tendons of the right hand get injured from the accident in the gym.

This injury interferes with his progress and completely tarnished his career, but he neglects the doctor’s advice and continues to workout to becoming a professional bodybuilder.

After getting a lot of hard work, he won the first competition at the age of 21.

Shawn, father has died due to lung cancer.

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The Shawn gives overall credit to his friends, especially “Lenore Caroll” to help him during the critical time.

Shawn Idol and influences always been Kai Greene and Yohnnie Shambouger.

Shawn Rhoden And His Career Achievements:

He achieved many awards, but there are not many blogs in the bodybuilding that wrote about the Shawn Rhoden.

Maybe, it is due to a long gap in his fitness journey due to the injuries.

Many bodybuilders are taking testosterone pills to  get massive muscle fast.

Somehow, some of the people are asking whether he is natural or taking help from the drugs.

Thus, we have gathered some of the evidence that may help us to distinguish the reality.

The very first is statistics,

It is the greatest way to spot the natural one, there is a huge difference between the natural body and a beast like a physique.

The steroid users may develop a lot of signs in their body as a steroid side-effect.

Shawn Athlete Statistics:
  • Weight of the body: 245-255lbs (11.1-115.7kg)
  • Height of the body: 5’10’’

If we focus on the natural range of bulking so, he has 75lbs heavier than recommended. 

It happens many times in the Industry that everyone is heavier around 10-20lbs and they are trying to give credit to the meals and protein shakes.

Gaining 10-15lbs is possible naturally by following the strict diet plan, managed the supplements stack, and go for extreme workout training.

Jacked around 75lbs sound wondering and impossible without the use of the drugs.

All of the steroid signs appear in his body like bigger and wider traps, increased vascularity, dry appearance, dark color of the skin and others.

Shawn has Undergone Incredible Transformation:

If you look at his old picture or Shawn of 2008 so, he is simply looking like a fat man.

No one can assume that he will be a fitness icon.

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In just 7-8 years, he transformed his physique to the aesthetic and level of the professional bodybuilder.

Shawn Rhoden Steroids Cycle:

There are many steroids, which he could use in his steroid cycle.

The most important steroids are HGH, Testosterone Cypionate, Arimidex, Cadarine, and N2 Guard.

Shawn Rhoden Nutrition:

Shawn follows a strict diet plan to maintain his physique

He believes in the off-season to bulk up and eats everything which he wants.

One of them is veteran bodybuilder Robby Robinson who believes bodybuilding has lost it’s way and has changed for the worse.

The nutrition plan consists of 6 meals which are based on proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates.

Some of the guys are worried about the six packs when it comes to the bulking diet in order to give their appearance during the competition.

The diet plan is usually based on the 15 egg whites, 3 whole eggs, half cup of oatmeal, vegetables, rice, chicken, potatoes, steak, carrots, lean ground beef, cinnamon, oatmeal, rice, and a protein shake with peanut butter.


He has a wide variety of supplements because Shawn has links to many supplement industries.

Shawn Rhoden Workout Routine:

The Shawn training is very long, He has many types of workout in his regimen.

The most common exercises are Pull Down, T-Bar Row, And One Arm-Dumbbell Row.


We have the lesson from him that you should never give up whatever the situation is.

According to physical evidence or steroid signs, it seems like that he could have taken the bulking and cutting steroids.

The most common choice of bodybuilders for the bulking is a Testosterone and Winstrol for cutting.

Steroids are not only to judge the individual efforts, other factors also vary.

However, Shawn has backed to continue his efforts as a fitness icon after recovering from the injuries and death of his father.

A legal disclaimer: 

The article is based on the information and entertainment 
purposes only, we do not know the actual situation.


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